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Every city has its own distinct skyline. At Jiuhong, we care about the people who construct the bridges, overpasses, skyscrapers, and houses that shape this skyline. That's why we offer a full selection of high-elevation construction machinery, including the construction hoist, material hoist, gantry hoist, tower crane, suspended access platform, and truck mounted aerial work platform. Because no two projects are alike, our construction elevator and other hoisting equipment come in a wide range of specifications to meet the different needs of your sites, and safety features reduce the risk of injury so that your employees can focus on doing their job well. We have supplied our quality construction equipment to businesses from more than 60 countries including the U.S., India, Korea, Egypt, Brazil, Russia, Algeria, Columbia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mongolia. Let us partner with you on your next project.

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    1. Beijing Jiuhong Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,ltd will attend the Shanghai Bauma Exibition in 2016.
      Date: 11.22-11.25.2016(4-days exhibition)
      Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
      Booth No.: E2.468
      Exhibition Area: 60 square meters(Length*Width:8m*7.5m ,indoor)

Main products
    1. SC100 Construction Hoist

      Capable of transporting people and materials to elevated worksites, the SC100 construction hoist helps to create a safer and more productive workplace. It also eliminates the need for separate people lift .

    1. SC200/200 Construction Hoist

      Available with two cars, the SC200/200 construction hoist is able to carry 32 passengers at the same time. With the rated load of 4000 kg, this lifting equipment can also transport materials.

    1. SS100/100 Material Hoist

      Our material hoist is equipped with the SAS-20 centrifugal fall arrest device which features high trigger sensitivity, short braking distance, and long working time. It comes with the same safety fence .

    1. Aluminum Alloy Suspended Access Platform

      Its weight is 65% lighter than that of the steel type in the same model.
      The oxide film is able to prevent rust and corrosion, so no painting or galvanizing is needed on the external surface.

    1. Custom Shape Suspended Platform

      The custom shape suspended platform is a kind of non-standard suspended platform with special specifications and it is tailored to meet the requirements on the construction of irregular buildings.

    1. SMZ150 Self-propelled Gantry Hoist

      It has improved security system and protection device, effectively preventing the suspended platform from dashing the top, reducing the risk of overload, avoiding the drop of materials.

    1. Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform

      The truck mounted aerial work platform enjoys outstanding functions with compact structure and high security, applicable to multiple operations. Its maximum working height .

    1. 12-25T Tower Crane

      Our tower crane is equipped with many advanced or ingenious components apart from regular safety devices used in ordinary cranes for the purpose of enhancing its security .

    1. Vertical Rotary Parking System

      We focus on providing the intelligent mechanical parking equipment research and development, design, manufacture, installation and after-sales service. Our main product catalogue.

    1. Construction Hoist
    2. Construction HoistOur SC series construction hoist achieves great improvement in all aspects to meet different demands of users. Seen from the appearance, it is more perfect and practical.
    1. Material Hoist
    2. Material HoistDedicated to vertical transport of materials, the SS series material hoist is widely used in various construction sites, multi-layer workshops, warehouses, stations, docks, and other places.
    1. Suspended Access Equipment
    2. Suspended Access EquipmentWe specialize in the R&D and manufacture of suspended access equipment. As the production base and R&D center of exported suspended platform in China, we now achieve an annual output of 8000 pieces and our top-class product quality has won great reputation in over 50 countries and regions.
    1. Gantry Hoist
    2. Gantry HoistIt updates the security system and protection device, availably preventing the suspended platform from dashing the top, reducing the risk of overload and avoiding the drop of materials and other unsafe occasions.
    1. Vehicle Mounted Aerial Work Platform
    2. Vehicle Mounted Aerial Work PlatformThe vehicle mounted aerial work platform is a versatile product featuring superior performance, compact structure, and high security.
    1. Tower Crane
    2. Tower CraneThe QTZ series tower crane, ranging from QTZ31.5 to QTZ500, is one of our leading products. The maximum loading capacity differs from 3T to 25T.
    1. Smart Parking System
    2. Smart Parking SystemWe focus on providing the intelligent mechanical parking equipment research and development, design, manufacture.
  • Service
  • Pre-sales Services
    1.We offer customers free catalogs of our products and other relevant files.
    2. We also provide free shuttle as well as board and lodging (four-star hotel) for customers who come to visit our company.

    After-sales Services
    1.The construction equipment we offer enjoys one-year guarantee period. If any spare parts have quality problems within this period, we will immediately replace them for free.

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