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ZLP Series Aluminum suspended platform

1. The working platform is designed with length of 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m. Customers can select the proper one according
to their actual needs.
2. Our company is the first one which adopts raglan welding technology to weld the end of the platform frame. This technology
enhances the strength of our suspended cage and makes it safer to use.
3. The bottom plate is 720mm in width with embossed textures. It is easy to install.
4. 360° turning casters facilitate the movement of the suspended working platform.

Model ZLP630(6m) ZLP800(7.5m)
Rated load 630Kg 800Kg
Lifting speed 8-10m/min 8-10m/min
Platform Dimension L×W×H(mm) 6000(1m+2m+3m)×720×1300 7500(2.5*3)×720×1300
Lifting Height 100 m 100 m
Cable 100 m 100 m
Steel rope Ф8.3mm Ф9.1mm
Hoist Pulling power 6.17KN 7.84KN

Electric motor model YEJ90L-4 YEJ100L-4

Power 1.5KW*2 1.8KW*2

Voltage 380V/50HZ/3P 380V/50HZ/3P

Rotational speed 1420rpm 1420rpm

Braking moment 15Nm 15Nm
Safety lock Permission force of impact 30KN 30KN

Locking Cable Angle 3°~8° 3°~8°
Suspension mechanism Front beam overhang 1.3~1.5m 1.3~1.5m

Support adjustable height 1.44~2.14m 1.44~2.14m
Counterweight 800kg 1000kg
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